Warmly congratulate our company passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification review

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At the end of June 2015, Shenzhen Intertek certification services limited audit group experts carried out ISO9001 quality management system recertification audit of our.
In two days of audit, certification experts through on-site observation, inquiry, sampling inspection records are on our administrative management, procurement management, quality management, warehouse management, production, research and development, customer service management and operation aspects were examined, and gave full affirmation and good for our advice, strengthen management, standardize services, establish a good corporate image.
After strict and meticulous documentation audit and audit, the group of experts on the system operation, fully affirmed that in the leadership of the attention and participation of all staff under the operation of the quality management system of our company is good, the rational allocation of resources, process control and correct effective preventive measures; smoothly through the ISO9001 quality management system a three year renewal evaluation.
Gao always stressed in the meeting, to obtain the certificate is not the purpose of continuous improvement, continuous improvement is our eternal pursuit. Quality management system certification only we have taken in improving the level of quality management on the road to welcome the first step, milepost is the starting point, after the road is still very long, we need to continue efforts to enable enterprises towards the leapfrog development direction of large step.


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