Guangdong Xianglong New Energy Co.,Ltd.
Guangdong Xianglong New Energy Co.,Ltd., a high-tech enterprise, is specialized in development and production of high-power integrated LED lighting products such as outdoor and indoor ones. In order to respond to national policies of energy conservation, lower consumption and emission reduction, our enterprise has started researching and designing LED street lamps since the year of 2005 and found a professional enterprise - Xianglong Energy Technology Co., Ltd. in 2007. Also, our enterprise set up a research centre in 2007 and successfully developed high-power integrated LED energy-saving single street lamp by experts from such as Tsinghua University and Sun Yat-sen University. The lamp symbolizes the direction and trends of high-power integrated LED lighting industry by right of our features of high efficiency, good energy-saving effect (saving rate at above 65%), long service life (50,000 hours), easy installation and high performance-price ratio.
"Sensun Lighting" is our company’s registered brand of outdoor and indoor high-grade luminaries. The high-power integrated LED energy-saving street lamp of "Sensun Lighting" got the Energy-saving Mark Product Certificate of Guangdong Province in 2009, the whole technology of which was identified as standing at the leading domestic level by the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department in 2010, the product works passed the semiconductor Illuminating test of Dongguan City, in 2011 got the LED Benchmarking Certificate of Guangdong Province and was included in the "purchasing product catalog recommend by green lighting sample cities in Guangdong Province". Our enterprise participated in the sample project of "Ten City Ten Thousand Lamps" in China and "Hundred Thousand Lamps within Thousand Li" in Guangdong Province, making an outstanding contribution for the country to achieve energy conservation and for our province to optimize the industrial section structure, promote industrial upgrading and enhance the capability of independent innovation.

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